"So when I initially met with Dale, I was not apprehensive, but I had doubts that she would get me anywhere. I was despondent about my business and where it was going. What we later established that I was focusing on the wrong things and that my passion was on another path.  I think I have always know in my subconscious that I have wanted to teach and guide people -  but I never asked the right questions of myself. “

“Dale’s approach showed me things that were holding me back and the processes taught me how to approach events and emotions in a reasonable and calm way. We dealt with past issues and she showed me how the things of the past can make me better and stronger."

“I would recommend Dale 100 percent. She is intuitive, smart and gentle all at the same time. She is phenomenal at what she does."

“I am now a driven, motivated and positive person that can only see enormous possibilities ahead of me, for myself and the direction I take my business in."

Lorna Zurlinden 

Managing Director

Lorna Zurlinden
Kamala Douglas

"Before I worked with Dale, I was very lost and negative on myself as well as my future. I started to see what I was doing because I thought it was the right thing, rather than what I really believed. This really opened my mind up to so many positive possibilities and I am so thankful to Dale!”

“I am now a driven, motivated and positive person that can only see enormous possibilities ahead of me.”

“I connect with my clients and employees on a different level. I have learnt to see that my business is so much more than just me.”

Kamala Douglas

Managing Director

“I recently had the privilege of doing some work with Dale Gerrans who is the Managing Director and sheer force behind “Shift Vibrations”, and I can honestly say, without a shadow of a doubt -  it was, and will always be, one of the most profound experiences of my life.”

Learning anything is always wondrous but however interesting or important the subject matter, it is the teacher who truly makes the difference and who does, or does not perform miracles. Dale inspires you, from the moment of meeting. Her enthusiasm rubs off on you … and it sticks.”

“Throughout the coaching sessions, Dale never stopped studying; exploring new philosophies; researching; looking further and deeper.

I urge anyone who truly wishes to know who they are and who wants to change themselves and the world they live in to take this opportunity to work with Dale … but I warn you … it will be the first proud, courageous and most wonderful step of many.”

“I deserve a wonderful life and this wonderful life deserves me.”

Penelope Kooperwitz

Penny Kooperwitz
Sabrina Andreucci

“Working with Dale has truly been a life changing experience. Her approach is always professional, deeply personal and highly impactful. She has extensive knowledge in her practise as a coach and easily adapts her methods based on what my needs are as her client. The rapid healing and shifts that I have experienced are quite miraculous and incredibly impressive. I have been exposed to a lot of coaching work, conducted in diverse styles and within different settings; be that group work, one-on-one, spiritual work, healing work, online courses and more where I have not yet encountered something quite like the experience with Dale Gerrans of Shift Vibration. She took me through a journey which felt so unique to my personal experience where she gently guided and supported me in identifying my personal blocks and beliefs. We worked together through questioning, hypnosis, journaling, talking and processes to shift my vibration, bringing me to a space of empowerment and healing. This has enabled me to overcome fears, childhood resentments and limiting beliefs which had me trapped in a depressive state. I am so excited and personally inspired by where my life is currently, and would refer Dale to anyone who is open and willing to shift their vibration to becoming a better version of them self. Thank you for this experience, you have impacted me so deeply.

Sabrina Andreucci



Thank you, Dale, this experience has really given me clarity on what my strengths are and how important living in your values is.

My business has really taken off now that I am focused. I am now able to see the business opportunities that I would have missed before.

The added benefit I got through this experience was that I found a woman that really makes me happy, and I was not even looking for that.

My life has changed in all area’s and I am truly happy.

Jeff Swart

Managing Director