Dale Gerrans

Dale is a certified Master Transformation Coach & Business Consultant. She has over 30 years’ experience in General and Financial Management, Business Consulting and Coaching. Dale is an entrepreneur and runs her own Consulting & Coaching Business.

“I believe that entrepreneurs and business owners are creating the future. They have the power and the freedom to really make a difference, not just in their own community, they have the privilege and opportunity to make a difference in the lives of their staff by creating company cultures where people feel they belong and not just fit in. In doing this staff members pay this forward into their families and communities”.

“My 30 years experience in the business world has shown me that our staff are our biggest assets. When you employ people that are inspired by your vision, they choose to be a part of the team that creates that vision. When the whole community speaks the same language with enthusiasm about what you do it broadcasts a unified message.“

“Experience has also shown me that when you create the “safe space” within the community where staff members have the opportunity to really add value, they come up with innovative and creative ideas. In saying this, I have gratitude and appreciation for the amazing leaders that I have worked for in my life. They have taken a risk and given me the space to really add value and grow as a person, allowing me to stumble and fall, then rise again with new found strength, humility, lessons and tools.”